Your new home is waiting

Talia Champlin

A Friend of the Family

A real estate transaction is always a part of an important life change.  Whether you’re moving halfway up the block, or halfway across the continent, a move is a commitment to a change in lifestyle, and maybe even a change in life direction.

Talia Champlin understands this.  Before you discuss houses with Talia, you will discuss your goals.

Talia views real estate a little differently than most agents.  Real estate is not a “numbers game,” working with as many sellers and buyers as possible so that a “certain percentage” will sell or buy.  Talia takes your unique goals seriously.  The only number she focuses on is 100% satisfaction, working to make sure she gives full attention to accomplishing your goals.

“Full attention” means written overviews of the processes you’re beginning.  It means guaranteed message returns in one business day, and daily updates during negotiations.  It means thorough explanations of your options for pricing, financing, marketing, negotiation and timing.  It means weekly written updates from purchase contract to closing.  It means that she will suggest questions and courses of action, as well as research answers.

Talia’s past clients and customers say, “We always felt that Talia had our best interests in mind.”

Talia Champlin has sold real estate since 1982, closing over $100 million in real estate transactions.  She is an enthusiastic partner with her husband Randall in the raising of five children.  She is a lifelong resident of Battle Creek, and, in her own words, “hopelessly devoted to this wonderful community.”  Talia brings a high level of energy to her family and her career, as well as to her horseback riding, her love of books on every topic, and her spiritual development.

“Talia is smart, thorough, dedicated, compassionate, and fun,” says a recent customer.  “By the time we finished our sale and purchase, we realized that she really was a Friend of the Family.

"Talia, you have been THE BEST. So helpful, caring, efficient, responsive. Connie and I (and Mom) were blessed by our association with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"